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Motohide TAGUCHI studied at the Osaka Kyoiku University, the graduate school of Ibaraki University and so on. Principal teachers are Prof. Kazuko HAYAKAWA, Prof. Masataka MATSUO, Prof. Michiharu MATSUNAGA (composition and music theory), and Dr. Usaburo MABUCHI (ethno-musicology).


 In 1999 his piece “dissolution” for trombone and piano was selected for the final Round of the 16th Japan Society for Contemporary Music (JSCM) Award for Composers   (Successful Competitor).

 Since then, he has active as a composer and his piece has performed not only in Japan but also in Southeast Asia, United States, Europe, and so on. He is an active member of JSCM, Japanese branch of the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM).

 He was a selected participant of the 8th international Young composers’ Meeting (Apeldoorn, the Netherland) in 2000 and grantee of The Nippon Foundation Asian Public Intellectuals (API ) Fellowship Program (2002 –2003) and The  Asia Fellows Awards of the Asian Scholarship Foundation (2010) for his research on Contemporary composers in Southeast Asian region (the Philippines and Indonesia: former, and Thailand:  latter)     




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